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“This is a very comprehensive self aid book which focuses on positive ways  forward from illness. It is extremely easy to use and most, if not all people  could benefit from reading it.” D., St Albans, England  - Testimonials - Image Key

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“The Key to Self-Liberation”: in reprint!

Dear Reader,

“The Key to Self-Liberation” is in reprint at this moment. Therefore, it will be temporarily unavailable at your bookstore. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are doing our utmost to have a new edition available as soon as possible. The reprint will probably start hitting shelves by the beginning of next year.

We will keep you informed on this website.

Beware!!! Some copies of the sold out edition can still be found on the internet at exorbitant prices! Christiane Beerlandt’s books are intended to help people and therefore we do not support the high profits made by some individuals. Please be advised to purchase your copy through legitimate channels and kindly note that the official retail price of the future new edition will probably be around

US $ 52.00

GB £ 40.00

€ 47.00

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“Discover the Root of Illness

and find the Way to Fundamental Healing”

Christiane Beerlandt was born in 1955 and lives in Belgium.  She is a strong, warm-hearted person of great wisdom who wants to offer liberating information to the world.  Her extraordinary gifts and the way in which she wrote this book — using a remarkable ability to draw information from her inner source — make The Key to Self-Liberation absolutely unique and incomparable to any other work.

Fundamental Causes, Fundamental Healing

Why do you get headaches?  What’s the origin of depression? Why are certain people susceptible to colds?  How does cancer originate emotionally?  Which psychological patterns cause the cholesterol level to rise?  The Key to Self-Liberation is an invaluable tool for in-depth self-exploration.

This encyclopedic work shows the psychological-emotional origins and solutions of disease.  It thoroughly treats an enormous variety of illnesses and symptoms, such as allergies, bed wetting, ADHD, burnout, eczema, rheumatism, stomach-ache, hyperventilation, asthma, hot flashes, all kinds of cancer, epilepsy, headaches, menstruation problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.  

The Essential Health Reference Book

for the Entire Family

The first part of this book offers innovative philosophical viewpoints and practical guidelines to take your own life in hand.  The second part contains entries about some 1000 diseases and has fascinating chapters about the symbolism of the organs (heart, stomach, brain, glands, etc.) and other parts of the body (vertebrae, fingers, chin, etc.).

The most authoritative work on

the relationship between body and mind

This book originated from inner knowing that comes straight from the heart.  It is not based on any existing work.  Many scientists and medical doctors have been surprised to find that The Key to Self-Liberation gets down to the very core of health problems, offering the key to fundamental healing of any illness.  For every disease, this book shows the basic problem the patient has to resolve in order to recover decisively.