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Many readers have been profoundly impressed by the amazing precision of the Beerlandt texts that address illnesses they were suffering from.  For them, reading this book meant the beginning of the road to health and happiness.

Reactions from enthusiastic readers:

For privacy reasons, names of patients are not written in full.


      I will never have enough words to express the GIFT this book has meant to me. This book is SUCH A GEM its worth bags and bags of GOLD. I have worked at the best hospitals in the US in Boston and NYC and the healing that this book can offer is all of that and more. Thank YOU Christiane for sharing this gift with all of us.
Romi, San Francisco, USA


    “I Salute and thank Madam Christiane Beerlandt for her Wonderful, Genius and Outstanding work put out in her book "The Key to Self-Liberation". I practice Hypnotherapy and I am immensely helped in using the root causes given in the book. I look forward for her forthcoming titles in English.
Best of Luck. Great Work!!!”

Hemant Ogale, India


"I didn’t find the book, it found me at the right time.”
Dominique Keil, Reinach, Switzerland

"I feel alive and energized by your work. Thank you for your wisdom. “
Susan Naughton, Ennis, Ireland

     “Hello! I'm reading in your book - again ... I'm 45 years old, and have read a lot of spiritual and health oriented books. The Key to Self-Liberation, I must say, is the most valuable book I have ever read. The frequency you are using is just so... pure. I am eagerly awaiting more of your books being translated into English...”
Susanna Bokstam, Sweden

“Christiane, I was just introduced to your book and am so excited about it. I have read other books going into the emotional undercurrents that manifest physically, however, they do not hold a candle to your book. The book is so outstanding that I have not been able to put it down. I read my first book with this premise in 1975, much later another author came out with a similar book. However, in comparison to your book they are quite elementary! You truly have an incredible gift to share with the world. I just got back from P. where I met with Dr. A.B. an incredible homeopathic/physician. He was beside himself while looking at the book! and kept saying ‘where did you get this?, where did you get this?’ He couldn’t put the book down nor could Dr. G.”

Cecilia Rose, Houston, Texas, USA

“Amazing reference and ‘coffee table’ book”

“This is a very comprehensive self aid book which focuses on positive ways forward from illness. It is extremely easy to use and most, if not all people could benefit from reading it. The beauty of the book, is it only takes a few minutes to read one’s own illness and solution and then it can be used at will to help loved ones or clients. The perfect book to leave lying around on the coffee table as it stimulates conversation.”

D., St Albans, England

“Christiane Beerlandt is obviously a skilled medical intuitive. Here she has produced a comprehensive tome which includes an extensive list of symptoms, signs and diseases. Her preamble makes it very clear how to utilise her interpretations.

Frequently in medical consultations the limits of the ‘medical model’ become apparent. We can describe the condition and then attempt to manipulate the underlying pathology. But we fall short when we try to explain WHY a patient has a particular condition at this precise time in their lives. This book provides a simple link between mind, body and emotions.

Christiane’s interpretations empower patients to search further within themselves for answers.

I have used the book both as a tool for myself to understand others’ conditions and also in consultation with the patient to explore wider possibilities in answering the ‘why’ question.

I have used other metaphysical books of similar content but this is by far the most extensive, authoritative and empowering volume I have seen.

It is clearly an adjunct for any health professional to use as a reference but it is also an easily useable book for lay people to begin their own journey of metaphysical interpretation.”

Dr. Graeme Kidd, MD, general practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

“I can tell you that I never stop promoting this book to my patients. ‘The Key to Self-Liberation’ is always appreciated enormously. I also use it at home, as I also have a copy for private use.”

Doctor Xavier Vanderbrempt., MD, pneumo-allergologist, Belgium

“For myself as well as for my patients, ‘The Key to Self-Liberation’ has become the ‘Bible’ of predilection, indispensable for the healing of the soul.”

H. F., psychotherapist, Switzerland

“After a serious accident in which my leg was partially torn off, doctors told me I would never be able to bend it again. And, indeed, all the treatments didn’t help. Until I discovered ‘The Key to Self-Liberation.’ The insights the book gave me changed my life completely, made me understand what went wrong in me. Now, my leg isn’t stiff anymore.”

D. R., France

“I want to send all my thankfulness to Christiane Beerlandt for having written ‘The Key to Self-Liberation.’ Thanks to the book, so many things have become clear to us and our granddaughter’s food allergy has disappeared.”

F. P., France

“The doctor told me yesterday that my liver function had improved spectacularly. Thank you, Christiane, you taught me to be with myself, to have faith, and to consider myself as a worthy and unique person.”

K. M., former leukemia patient, Holland

“Christiane Beerlandt’s books give psychological balance, joy of life, and healing to all of us. As a social worker, I also found that the information contained in them effectively helps lots of people. Thankfully,”

Willem De Brouwer, priest and teacher, Belgium

“I suffered from a severe intestinal disease named ‘colitis ulcerosa.’ Doctors told me I would have to take strong anti-inflammatory drugs for many years. A natural health practitioner told me about ‘The Key to Self-Liberation.’ When I started reading, I directly felt that it would bring me the solution of my problems. It changed my outlook on life and on relationships and made me respect myself and understand the ‘why’ of things that had happened in my life. It made me feel my inner powers. I became stronger physically and mentally. Two weeks later, I felt I could stop taking medicine, which I did. Since then, I haven’t had any symptoms at all anymore. I feel stronger and healthier than ever. I’ve also learnt to be more flexible at work.”

G. J., police officer, Holland

“The neurologist just didn’t understand how my condition as a patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease could have improved so spectacularly. Indeed, ‘The Key to Self-Liberation’ made me understand what I could do myself to improve my condition, and I did.”

K. L., Canada

“I suffered from cancer. I owe my life to Christiane Beerlandt’s book.”

J. P., Belgium

“It’s wonderful. I had been suffering from migraine attacks since more than 30 years. Four years ago, Christiane Beerlandt’s words opened a new world to me. I didn’t have a single attack ever since.”

S. P., Belgium

“I was delighted to see the wholesome effect of these texts on my patients.  If you really understand the deepest psychological-emotional origins of your disease and work at resolving them, then unsuspected self-healing powers are triggered.  For every illness, Christiane Beerlandt succeeds — more than anybody else — in indicating the fundamental problem and solution.”

Doctor Dirk Lippens, MD, General Practitioner, Nazareth, Belgium

“My sciatica had become unbearable.  I consulted Christiane Beerlandt’s book.  Very calmly, feeling every word of it.  And I understood.  Knew what to do.  By the end of the text, my pain had gone.  It was miraculous.”

V. L., teacher, Holland

“Super! It’s difficult not to recognize yourself in this book.”

T. U., France


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